I am really confused about what is going on? I feel like I have no idea. Situation with X got a sudden turn to the worst. Now I have a lawyer and a court is probably waiting to solve things. X has kept another woman along side all of our marriage. On-off??? I don´t know. But I do know he is now very much having a relationship with this woman. And it´s been going on for some time. Probably a much longer than I can imagine.

He says kids are number one to him. Still he has never taken any of them with him, when he leaves country for work. This woman was taken with him immediately. He lies about her to me and the kids. Is this how you prove the kids are your number one priority? Besides, our divorce is not legal yet.

I am so tired. Surprising things are revealed almost daily basis, which I knew would happen when more people hear about our divorce and wants get things they know off their chest. But there are days when too much is just too much. I have a lot to digest here. Like I didn´t have enough before...

This divorce is getting uglier all the time. How can a man like that be a good role model for the children? How can he teach them honesty? No way. That´s what I think. Even the kids understand they have been lied to.