I have lost my memory or to be exact, my memory has lost letters and syllables. It has happened many times lately and especially when I´m writing with a pen and not with a computer. Today I was writing "Christmas holiday" (joululoma in Finnish) to my calendar and started laughing. I had written "jou loma"... Maybe there is a little rap artist in me...lol.  So far it´s not a big deal but if it gets worse, then I have to do something about it.

Years and years ago I had a terrible autoimmune skin disease. I got 6-7 different diagnoses for it. When I got sick with polymyositis, I asked the doc if there is a connection between these two diseases? It turned out that all my medical files from that time were lost. Today I had a very interesting phone conversation with a nurse, who remembered me after all these years. (I was so rare and weird case even back then...) Like it´s said one thing led to another and I found out that my files were found. The woman who was my doc at that time retired a couple of years ago and now they finally emptied her office from all the papers and stuff. My medical files were there among some others. Have been more than 10 years. I called my rheumys office and told them about this discovery. Just wanted to make sure they get the information. It is now left to be seen if those old papers give any new answers.