It was a weekend. An elderly couple, close to their sixties, went out dancing. Went out to have some fun. A few glasses of wine and she sat there among other women, waiting for her husband to come and ask her to dance. Or any man for that matter.

Her husband was having a blast. He kept dancing all night, with others. Not once did he turn over to his wife and asked her to dance. A small gesture that would´ve shown that he still loved her, that he still cared.

A cup was already full. It had been filled with many drops from smaller to bigger. It had been full for a very long time. This drop made it overflow.

The couple went home. Arguing. At home she opens a full package of sleeping pills. She takes them all at once. Not a single pill is left behind. That will show him. For good. She started walking towards to bed and all she wants to do is sleep. Forever.

On the way she collapses and is rushed to the hospital. She wakes up. She is alive. Disappointed? Not really, she says. Did she know what she was doing? Most definetily. Why? Too many things. Tired. Dear old mom dead. Problems in her marriage.

There are millions of things you can hide behind a smile. People close to you doesn´t always know the truth. There are millions of ways to hide things even from yourself.

This is a story of a person I shared a room with in the hospital.