Change is coming and it is more than welcome. The first steps has already been taken. I don´t know what the future has to offer me, but I do know what it hasn´t and that´s a good thing. I will have a long and painful journey ahead of me but I believe it´s worth it. For what I´ve learned I can´t run or hide from myself. And it´s long overdue to start concentrating on myself. Besides my kids of course. I don´t wanna waste my life for someone who isn´t worth it. I´m not scared to be alone. I´m so used to taking care of things on my own. That´s one thing I have learned over the years. Never got a thank you or any kind of appreciation for my doings. Eventhough I know someone´s career wouldn´t be so "perfect" without me on the background.

At least now I can breath. I can be myself.