A little update. Just got back from the hospital. All the meds I take to keep PM under control makes we vulnerable to other diseases. So I got this sudden pain in my stomach and had to rush into the hospital. Huge infection, surgery, pain, meds and more meds. That´s a short story about my last five days. A load of antibiotics and I´m well enough to be at home. Best place to recover.

My divorce is final, except we have a few things to sort out. X doesn´t get it. No matter how many times I say it, and I´ve tried everything. I need to hear from him that what he did to me was wrong. I need him to admit it and apologize to be able to put all this behind me and move on. He thinks he didn´t do anything wrong. That is why I am still so angry with him.

By the way, our marriage lasted 15 years. Started and ended at the same date. Talk about irony.