Yesterday was emotionally extremely rough day for me. X was envolved and tried to talk but since there is no connection or understanding between us, it didn´t work out. His excuses and efforts to fix some of his lies was a disaster if you ask me. Lies create more lies, it was proven yesterday, once again.

I am so tired of this s...t. I feel like I am just about to reach my limits, how much I can take. I contacted a lawyer again, and I am more than happy to let her take care of the things that are unsolved. And the agreement about the children must be done again, much more accurate. I just don´t want to fight about things that are written in the contract. It is so stupid.

Today I am paying the price from yesterday. I have a fever again. I hope it is just a reaction to yesterdays events and goes away fast. Third flare in a row (in a year) is too much. I admit I feel really down at the moment. I have a sh....y year behind me and I thought everything would be over by now. But no.

I´m only a human being, who makes mistakes. But I´m also a mom for three kids and I just can´t stand to look from aside how they suffer from everything. I have my limits too. I can´t handle everything. Enough is enough. I got crashed and burned, badly. I wish he would move to another country.