I am getting sick and tired for this divorce. It takes almost all the energy I have left and makes me stay awake at nights. Then I may fall asleep during a class at school. Not a good thing.

I was told that I am too weak person and that is one of the reasons that led to divorce. I also didn´t give space for other people to be weak. Then again I was too strong. I had strong opinions and I stood behind them.

So which one is the problem? Weakness or strength?

I was told to put my feelings aside and talk about things without them. I was also told to forget the past, everything that has happened and concentrate on how we are going to settle things. How an earth is that possible? I can´t understand. It is not possible for me to forget everything including feelings. The past has made me what I am today and it will always travel with me. Whether I want it or not. I think that the past will also have an impact on your future.

I can´t forget anything. That´s a fact!