One phase in my life is finally over. Thank God! It gave me a huge amount of stress and worries. Like I didn´t have enough of them already. Now it´s over and I´m happy with the results. They were what I was expecting.

At the same time I realized that my ex hasn´t dealt with his feelings at all, concerning the divorce. Too busy? Too scared? Too much work? He tried to make me angry but it didn´t work. I could even laugh, he couldn´t. I am over it. I see that now. More clearly than before. I know, I still have some bad days to face. But it gets easier every time.

Eventhough there are no winners in this game, I sure felt like one. All the hard work of dealing with extremely difficult emotions, mine and kids, over and over again has paid off. That makes me feel like a milloin dollars.

Maybe one day the road I walk won´t be so rocky...

 (do I have some "thing" for photographing rocks???)