I read from one of the myositis support groups board someone saying she is a queen of unfinished projects. I feel exactly the same. I have so much to do and simply not enough time or energy. I have a huge pile of kids clothes waiting for a new zipper or a button or a seem to be sewed. Another pile of started quilt projects. A few unfinished tiffany glass-works. A chair waiting to be restored and a couple of kids chairs waiting for a new coat of paint. You name it, I´ve started it...lol! I admire people who actually get things finished. I´m very good at starting but terrible in finishing. Sometimes I wonder why I can´t do just one project at a time? If I start one, I start another one and another. Craft persons problem, one is never enough ;-)

So besides doing my job, I´m trying to study for exams, take care of our kids and our house, take care of almost all the paper work in our house. Run arrands, cook, clean, drive kids to their hobbies, laundry, run after a three-year-old... Where is the time to finish these unfinished projects? Among all this I should arrange time for exercise too. Used to like to go swimming very early in the morning. These days I just can´t force myself up in the morning any earlier than I have to.

I am a professional weaver and I´ve always enjoyed crafts and arts. Especially crafts. Doing something has given me the well needed break from everything. How I miss doing crafts...

Just to make sure I don´t have any time to spare, I started writing this blog. I`m also doing a book project with a friend and our goal is to make a book in Finnish about myositis and peoples experiences with it. Oh, and I´m studying at the university business English too.

Reading through this text makes me realize how much I´m like my father. He was a work-a-holic and died of a heart attack at the age of 48. We have so much in common and still we are so different. Writing is something that has become "out" more as I´m getting older. I have always written something but never before so much as these days. Is it the fear of death? Want to leave something behind and make sure you´re not forgotten? Go figure.