I met someone today. A woman. A professional. She agreed with me that I really have A LOT  to deal with right now. She is trying to get a support group to be there and help me get through these "defugalties". Hopefully that works and I don´t end up in line waiting for weeks to get another appointment. It felt really good to talk to someone, who actually listened and didn´t put me down at once. When I went to school after that, my friend asked me what was going on? I was like What....? She said I had a funny / weird look on my face. ???

Of course this morning didn´t have the best start. I had set my phone to wake me up at 6.30 am. I have no memory whatsoever that it has done that. We all woke up when we heard the door bell at 7.55 am. The older kids put on their clothes on really fast and ate little something and they were on their way to school. They made it on time. Okay, I admit . This was not the first time we woke up for the door bell (thank God for kids friends :-)). But I have been tired lately. Can´t sleep and when I do sleep, I sleep. Last week I fell asleep during a class in school. To my defence I can say it was a really boring class. My classmate woke me up just before I was starting to snore...LOL

This day didn´t end the best way either. My husband came by and at first we had a civilized conversation but then it turned into a fight. I can´t believe he is saying that I should be able to put my emotions aside while we talk about how to organize everything. Hellou... we´ve been together for 18 yrs. I am an emotional person. I can´t just turn off my feelings. Not even if I wanted to.  

Edit: I´m not the only one. Today somebody else fell asleep during a class ;-)