I am in pain. My back still hurts every now and then. Today is the turn of now. Feel like should keep it as round as possible. But that´s not enough. I don´t know how I slept last night but I woke up with a sore neck. I can hardly move my head sideways. It hurts a lot. Despite all the pain I had a wonderful day. Went to have lunch with co-workers and we ate Greek food. Really tasteful :-)

Now I feel a headache coming. Maybe it is related to the neck pain? Tomorrow I will see a cardiologist and hopefully find out what´s going on with my heart. Have to admit. I am a bit nervous.

I received an invitation to another entrance exam which is next week. Not much time to study the material for it. If I´m lucky I will get an invitation to one more exam which is also next week. After that, all I can do is wait for the results and then make a decision what to do next Autumn.

Next week I will also stay home with the kids for the summer. My job is over for now and so is kids school and daycare. Six months have gone really fast. I have plans to do some (a lot) gardening. I enjoy it and it relaxes me. Maybe I can at least try to finish some of my unfinished projects ;-)