I have lost my faith in people. At least some of them. Okay, one of them. He was supposed to be there for better or worse, in sickness and in health.... we all know how that goes.

This divorce is bringing more and more bad things out in the open, that my head is getting dizzy. Everything is going up and down, round and round. Everything I believed in was a lie. Our marriage has based on a lie for almost 14 yrs. My future X doesn´t have a clue what is love or honesty. He has proved that in his actions over the years.

I thought I knew everything already. Boy, was I wrong. Now I have no idea what to believe in or who to trust? My head is spinning and I can´t get a grip on a single thought at the moment. How can I´ve been so blind? Why did I let him play with my emotions? Did he really think that the truth would never come out?

At least now I know who is (was) the weak one in this relationship. Now I know who is the coward, who still can´t speak about things with the right words.