Went to see my doc today. Afterwards I came to conclusion that I must´ve left my head at home. This time I thought I would be smart and I wrote down all the things I wanted to discuss with the doc. Guess what happened? I forgot I had the paper and realized later that at least half of my issues were left undiscussed. I was so disappointed in me. Feel like my head is a one big cheese filled with extra large holes. PM is not active at the moment. Pred is 10 mg and I had one med I could´ve removed from my list of pills few months ago. Somebody just forgot to tell me.

What is it with doctors? Why do they have so big power over us? I thought I have already learned how to deal with them and how to demand for the treatment I need. I´m still a novice. It was the nurse that I found the most reasonable person. She told me to contact my cardiologist for check up, especially because I´m so young and new with this heart-thing. (zero check ups after angioplasty so far). And it is the heart meds that causes my blood pressure to go even more down and make me feel dizzy. Today´s numbers were 115/66. But the yellow box is still in the closet, I saw it...LOL

Like that wasn´t enough. Our youngest got a flu and fever last weekend and he is not ok yet. So I have to stay home from work and take care of him.

To see more doctors, our daughter came home from school yesterday and started crying because her stomach hurt. She had fallen pretty badly and hit her stomach. But she sure has guts! She handled the pain for over 4 hrs until the school day was over. Didn´t complain. I told her if something like that happens again, it´s ok to tell a teacher and come home or go to the doctor. Rest of that day I spent in the ER with her. We had to make sure there wasn´t any damage inside her stomach. She was lucky and I was relieved. It was so hard for me to stay calm when I thought of all the things that could be wrong. But have to say, I´m so proud of her! She has a lot more guts than I do.

Ok. I know somebody is waiting for dentist news. Actually there is nothing new to tell. Cancelled my appointment as the dentist was over half an hour late. No pain and that´s what counts.