Today we went to eat some Chinese food. I love it. Funny thing is, that even though I have eaten it in many countries today I got my first Fortune cookie. The message inside was this: You can manage an overwhelming success. So what are you waiting for? It´s been on my mind all day. Somehow it makes sense and at the same time I´m not really sure that was ment for me. Interesting :-)

Summer is right around the corner and the kids have been very active roller skaters. The 3-year-old too. I have a plan to take out my roller skates and try them in our front yard before going any further. I have an excuse. Have to teach the youngest...LOL!!! Otherwise I would be too embarrased to skate here with all the other kids who doesn´t fall. I will tell you what happens when I do it.

I am also planning to start jumping on our tramboline to give the neighbours something to laugh about ;-)