Past few months has been a really terrible time for me and the kids. Divorce is never easy. Today I made a decision, the final one. Divorce is final. I am not going to get back together again, no matter what. Now the biggest problem is how an earth I can keep the house as a home for our kids? That is what I have been thinking and calculating for the past couple of months. Everybody says I am crazy to even think about it. But they don´t know me. I don´t know how to give up. That has helped me a lot when life shows its downsides.

Thank God for friends. I sent a message to one, that I needed a shoulder to cry on and she came immediately. Lucky me. I would have gone crazy if she hadn´t showed up.

This rollercoaster ride called life has taken a huge dive down and I am waiting for it to ride back up again. This may take some time.

I just want to sleep for a change as long as possible ...