A little update for you my English speaking friends. I have now been getting treatment for that cytomegalovirus and the fact is, I can´t say I´m any better. In a few days I will hear if the medicine has worked but I don´t feel any better. After three fever-free days my temperature rose again. I have a terrible flu. Cough has gotten worse and my nose is running. I´m tired and don´t know if my Hb has improved.

Everything that has been going on is starting to take its toll. My fighting spirit is going somewhere (vacation?) and it was enough to see the temperature numbers today. Felt like crashing down. Will this ever stop? Will I get better? I don´t know anymore about anything. Feel like everything I try, fails. It´s been a really long time when I have had some good or happy news to share with you.

I´m working hard to get back at my studies, but I´m beginning to have doubts. Am I doing the right thing? Is it worth it? There seems to be so many obstacles on my way.

Sorry, I have a dark moment going on...