Rollercoaster is on the move again. My body just realized that I have tapered pred to 10 mg. The magical dose. Only once I have been able to go under this dosage. Thumbs up for no flare.

It is definetily fall. Schools have started for all of us. Hobbies as well. That means I have a lot of driving to do taking the kids to their hobbies. My studies are mostly exams. I am trieing to complete the courses that lack only the exam. All three kids of mine has once again grown pretty much during the summer. I guess they have been watered enough :-)  My youngest one started preschool and that was a bit of a crisis for me. My baby is not a baby anymore. 

The x-front is calming down. I hope. I have gotten over things to a point that I can think of something else now. Surprisingly it wasn´t a good thing for him. Made me wonder if he has had doubts about his choices. But that is not my problem. I am okay with my decisions and I am happy that I have been able to find out who I am and what I really think of things. That is a major accomplishment. I got freedom and I am not ready to give that up. Maybe someday a bit but not the way I did before.

I have been asked to come and talk about this disease and living with it to other people with myositis. I said yes and have to admit, I am a bit nervous eventhough it is about a month away. But I think it will go okay. Let you know later.