It is almost official. Couple of more weeks. Can´t hardly wait. Can´t hardly believe it. After everything else, life throws this thing at me to handle as well. There are days when I feel, it´s not fair. But I have no other choice than to move on.

My health situation doesn´t get any better. I thought I beat the fever already but I was wrong. It is now back and it´s fourth month and counting. Looks like the fever rises whenever I try to solve things with my future X. Pred is still 30 mg and it´s causing it´s own problems. Imurel has been changed to Trexan about three weeks ago. So far so good and no change on anything. Had to go to the dentist again today. A tooth cracked. Once again.

I am trying to stay positive, but I have had some really bad days lately and my feelings are more depressed than positive. I am lucky to have a good therapist, who seems to know what I´m going through. She has been a great help during all this. At this point, money is the biggest issue we argue about with my future X. I am really starting to think that I will turn everything to lawyers and let them handle things. This is just wearing me out and I need all the energy I have left. Next week I have a lot of exams. Two almost every day. And I have a couple of assingments to do before I can forget everything and start summer holiday!

One thing I wasn´t prepared for was how much new things I would have to buy because of this divorce. Dishware I was prepared for but for tools... oh no. Almost all has left the garage, so I had to get some new ones, as I need them too. Today I drove my car into the garage and then lay down on the floor to check if I could figure out what is making this terrible noise. I don´t know much about cars but I think I managed this one. I located the problem and I think I can even fix it myself :-)

Now my computer works as it should. I bought a new modem and it proves that the old one was broken. Now I haven´t had any problems (knocking on wood..)

My creativity is showing new signs. I have been drawing interior design-plans and yard-plans. I plan them a lot but never draw them. At least I didn´t. Have no idea where that came from. I have also had a frog factory here. 25 frogs to be made. 21 is ready at the moment. I will add pictures of them later. This project is a good reminder to think carefully what you volunteer for.

If you scroll down, you can see a picture of a tattoo I took on my left ankle. Felt like I have to do something little different. Don´t know what the doctors are going to think about it? You think they are going to give me a lecture on how irresponsible I was?