Löysin netistä Troyn kirjoittaman runon myosiitista ja mielestäni se oli todella hyvä. Hänen luvallaan julkaisen sen nyt tässä muillekin luettavaksi.

I found Troys poem from the internet and it described myositis very well. With his promision I am publishing it here for others to read it too.


Was the day before Christmas
And all was not well
More shopping to do
More cards yet to mail

The traffic was awful
The parking lots full
The lines were so long
My patience was null

I have Myositis
And take steroids you see
So these people best learn
Not to mess with me

My memory is gone
My emotions are sleeved
My temper is short
You better believe

Stay out of my way
I have a bad gait
Which is worsened you see
By all of this weight

But when I got home
And relaxed with some tea
I started to realize
It's not all about me

I sat there in silence
Reflecting on life
Thinking of friends
Of my kids and my wife

I now felt much better
And smiled to myself
And I reached up above me
For my meds of the shelf

When I got them down
And went through my pills
I realized with horror
I had prescriptions to fill

Azathiroprine was low
Nexium was out
Fosimax was gone
I started to shout

I put on my coat
And rushed out the door
Out into the traffic
To the drug store

I now was a wreck
I had no good will
I got to the counter
And demanded my pills

The pharmacists smiled
And said very low
You picked all these up
A few hours ago

I went to my car
And looked in the seat
And there were my meds
For me there to greet

I then traveled home
And went through the door
I went straight to bed
I could handle no more


Troy Cheatham