Sorry fellows. I haven´t forgotten you, eventhough I haven´t written in English for a while, except in the chat room... So the docs finally found out what´s wrong with me and it´s cytomegalovirus. Because of all the meds I take, it didn´t go away by itself so I´m getting treatment for it now. They give me Cymevene-iv every 12 hrs for the next 2-3 weeks. If you could just see my arms and hands. All black. My veins are not so strong and they have to find a new place to get the iv in very often. Last time the fifth needle was gotten into right place. Tomorrow it´s probably another exploration for a vein that works.

A month has now passed with me being sick. Fever keeps still coming up and the cough hasn´t left. I guess this is another moment where patience is required. Should go to the pharmacy though to get some iron. My Hb is 96 which means I´m anemic.

My studies are on hold. Couldn´t have done anything for the past month. I´m left behind a lot. Some courses I have to start all over again, some I can catch the others by working hard. This was not my plan but when does things go the way I plan?

With this hospital visit I met a woman who has IBM. She is the first one around here I come across. I am so glad to get to know her. As many of you know, I have so many things to deal with at the moment and this woman has helped me a lot. She knows what I´m going through and she has been there crying and laughing with me. I would probably be crazy by now if she hadn´t been around.