Another attempt to taper pred under 10 mg. So far so good. Had a few rough days but they are past now. To make things more complicated, I broke my foot again. Same foot, same fracture that was almost healed. A little stumbling and that was it. Now I am wearing a “Geishas shoe” in it. I´m kind of getting used to it that there is always something. Maybe I shouldn´t but it looks like it´s a fact of life.

I am having a little starting problems with my final thesis. Maybe it´s just a writers block or something. I have trouble believing that my studies are going to end one day and I will graduate. At least I hope so.

I have had a wonderful summer so far. We have visited family and friends and just had fun with the kids J. Summer has been great if you think of the weather. Sunny and warm most of the time. Time is coming closer to get ready for a school year again. I can´t believe that my youngest, my “baby”, is starting his school career. Why do they grow so fast? I haven´t aged at all at the same time… lol

Time has done what it needs to be done. I think I am over the divorce. Worst parts anyway. It is a lot easier to look ahead these days than it was before. Thank God for that. It doesn´t mean that me and my ex are friends or that there is no situations between us but they don´t hurt me so deeply anymore. To be honest, I feel like I don´t care about him enough to feel hurt anymore. What is done, is done and nobody can change that. I have accepted it. My questions, looks for an explanation will never get an answer. I have accepted that as well. Now I am capable of concentrating on myself. I have found myself and I who I am and what I think of things. He couldn´t destroy me completely but it was close. Too close. I have read a lot about narsism and that´s what I was (am) dealing with. In my opinion. Some people may find it unbelievable but I know what I have been going through. I lived and experienced it all.