It has been a while since I wrote here in English. I guess it´s about time I correct the situation.

PM has been under control for quite some time now. I´ve been able to taper pred to 7,5 mg / day. It doesn´t mean I don´t have bad days every once in a while, but they are easier to deal with. In general you could say I feel good and I´m glad about that. What´s the most important thing, no hospital visits this winter :-)

My ex is still giving me a hard time. Looks like he hasn´t dealt with his emotions at all and is now trying to push them over me. I refuse to take that job. I have enough in my own feelings even though I feel the worst part is over.

I am desperately waiting for summer to come. There is nothing wrong with winter, but I am just fed up with all the snow that just keeps on coming more and more. This winter has been a good one despite the amount of snow and the temperature which went some days down to -33 degr C. I don´t remember when was the last time I could watch northern lights from my own backyard.

All the changes in my life has taken it´s toll. I am behind at my studies. I will be needing at least one more year to complete them. I try my best but I admit I have had serious concentration problems. No wonder, when I look back at my life.

The rollercoaster keeps on going forward with its ups and downs.