I woke up this morning feeling the (too) familiar shaking and cold. Knew right away what was going on. Fever was raising and not just little. When I finally got up my temperature was 38,1 degr. Celcius. My head felt heavy and like it belonged to somebody else. Now I take antibiotics for I have a sinus infection. I also eat a lot of garlic as they say it should help. Our neighbours can probably smell that....lol. During this "sick period" I´ve become somewhat scared for getting diseases. I desinfect my hands a lot and this is not typical behavior for me. Eating loads of garlic, that´s a typical behavior for me.

It is Christmas holiday for the next three weeks. Despite the good effort, I didn´t manage to return all my assignments on time. Have a few of them still left to do. There just wasn´t enough hours in the night to study. Had to get some sleep too.

I dug up one unfinished project of mine. It´s a bobbin lace table cloth. Last time I did that was 10-11 years ago. Now it´s there looking at me and waiting for me to continue. I admit my fingers itch a bit to start doing that again :-)