At first, sorry everybody, I haven´t written here in English for a very long time. I have just been too busy, too tired and too everything...

Polymyositis is still under control. Pred is tapered to 10 mg. I have a normal flu, but it is not bad.

Divorce is still ongoing battle. I wish it wouldn´t but what can you do? If I give up on everything, I will most certainly regret it later. So once again I find myself in a situation where I have no other choice but to keep on going. I have a strong feeling, that my x is somehow trying to force me to sell the house, so that he could say the words: "You didn´t manage, eventhough you said so...". I am doing my best to prevent that from happening.

The memory lane thing...  :-)

When I was a kid, Fame was one of my favourite tv-shows. Had to watch every episode. Watching it now after several years, I´m surprised how good it still looks. The "lessons" are more down to earth than in todays tv-shows. That´s what I like. Watching Fame has also been able to take my mind of my problems for a few minutes and that is a relief.